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In 2017, with the incredible support of Sportsgirl, Butterfly is holding Love Your Body Week, September 3rd - 9th, because BODY CONFIDENCE is worth CELEBRATING!

This campaign coincides with Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week (BIEDAW) and aims to promote body confidence in all Australians by celebrating body diversity.

More and more people within our community are suffering from the serious illness of eating disorders, with a contributing factor at times being linked to poor body image.

Poor body image can be experienced by your sister, friend, partner, mother, work colleague and even yourself!

Therefore Sportsgirl stands with Butterfly to actively change the negative conversation by encouraging people to stop appearance based talk and body shaming and replace this with the celebration of body confidence

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Get Involved

Love Your Body Week 2017 brings the whole community together to acknowledge that there is not one ideal body shape and to embrace the fact that body shape does not define a person’s worth. With that in mind, here are some simple ways that you can get involved and make a positive difference:

  1. TAKE THE PLEDGE – make a commitment to learning how to love your body every day!

  2. TAKE THE SURVEY – tell us what you think about body image.

  3. FOLLOW US – check out our social media pages and join in the conversation using the hashtag #LoveYourBodyWeek

  4. TAKE A PICTURE & POST – share how you celebrate body confidence with the community via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the week! Remember to tag @thebutterflyfoundation and @sportsgirl and #LoveYourBodyWeek so that we can create a groundswell of support across social media!

  5. DOWNLOAD download our Love Your Body Week campaign poster and pin it up to promote a positive environment at work, home, school staff rooms

  6. DONATE make a donation through our website to contribute to Butterfly's services.

Schools also have the opportunity to get involved by joining Australia’s largest positive body image initiative and supporting your students’ BODY CONFIDENCE!

Love Your Body Week for Schools   

Join us and let’s celebrate our bodies – because BODY CONFIDENCE is worth celebrating!

The Serious Issue

Eating disorders and body image concerns present a huge problem for both males and females across Australia, however there continues to be an enormous lack of knowledge in Australia surrounding these issues. The reality is that they are extremely common, affecting an increasing number of people each year.

Research indicates that poor body image can play a significant role in the development of eating disorders, as it can often lead to risky dieting and exercise behaviours. As one of the most modifiable socio-cultural risk factors for eating disorders it is important that every Australian works toward developing their body confidence.

Building positive body image is a good way of promoting protective factors, making a person more resilient.


If you are interested in finding out more or want to get involved in Love Your Body Week 2017, please contact the following people.  

Media Enquiries and Sharing Your Story

Fundraising and Events

Butterfly's National Helpline
1800 33 4673 

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Worried about a friend or someone you care about?

It can be extremely difficult raising the subject of eating disorders with a friend or loved one. To be supportive one needs to learn what to say and what not to say.  


We can help you with knowing when to talk to your friend and what to say. ›

Concerned parents & carers

Communicating your concern with your child about eating and dieting behaviour can be extremely difficult. Butterfly offers a range of services that can provide you with skills and information related to communicating with your child.  


We can help you with recognising issues and what to do. ›

Teachers & Professionals Working with Young People

Teachers and those working with young people are often the first to become aware of dis-ordered eating behaviours.  Butterfly Education provides early intervention and prevention skills for professionals working with young people. 

We have a range of advice & resources ›